If your lawn doesn’t seem to be healthy, and appears to have a thick layer of thatch between the blades and the soil, it might be time to consult Green Stuff about the expert lawn aerator services Minneapolis MN residents rely on to keep their yards looking great. Core aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil, thatch, and turf throughout your yard. These plugs not only create spaces where added air and water can reach your turf’s roots, but also break down to provide added nutrients that your lawn needs to thrive.

Minneapolis core aerator services also make it easier for your lawn to breakdown layers of thatch naturally, which has fantastic benefits. The root cause of your turf problem is that excess thatch breeds disease and provides the perfect home for lawn damaging insects. By removing some of the thatch and giving your lawn the ability to breathe better, you can ensure that your grass will not only look fantastic, but will be healthy throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Call Green Stuff to schedule your Minneapolis lawn aeration services today!


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