Whether you are already seeing weeds popping up in your yard, or would simply like to ensure that they don’t appear this season, Green Stuff’s lawn weed control in Minneapolis offers the pre-emergent and post-emergent treatment you need. Using store-bought weed killers can work to get rid of weeds, but these chemical products can also harm or kill your lawn, your garden, and can even be harmful to your family or pets. With Green Stuff, our timely, proper application of a specific mix of environmentally friendly weed control products removes only the unwanted plants, while allowing your lawn to thrive and keeping your family safe.

A beautiful, lush green lawn is the perfect playground for the spring and summer months. But as soon as those pesky weeds start coming in, suddenly taking care of your lawn becomes a lot more challenging than you expected. Our lawn weed control services in Minneapolis are not only customized to your lawn but are safe and reliable for your lawn and your family. Utilizing weed control in addition to proper fertilization, watering, and mowing will have your lawn looking lush and green all season. For more details on the best weed control services Minneapolis has to offer, call Green Stuff Outdoor Services today.


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