Best Apps for Lawn Care and Gardening

Are you looking to integrate some technology into your lawn care or gardening? We combed the Internet for the best apps to help you achieve a green lawn, improve your garden maintenance, and make landscaping tasks just a little easier.

best gardening and yard apps


If This Then that (IFTTT) allows users to build “recipes” comprised of different ingredients, or in this case, channels. IFTTT currently works with over 200 channels, including email platforms, social media outlets, blog feeds, and more. The options are endless. For lawn care, we like to set up recipes like, “if the forecast for Plymouth calls for rain, send me an email reminder to turn off the sprinklers,” or “if I have a party coming up, add ‘mow lawn’ to my to do list.”

Sprout It
Sprout It allows users to track the growth of their herbs and vegetables, as well as establish a growing and harvesting timeline for your garden. This app learns your location and can guide you to the vegetables that will grow best in your yard.

Turf Path
Turf Path allows you to track, identify, and maintain turf grass pests. By specifying your location, you will receive alerts when pests become prevalent nearby and it will help you troubleshoot weeds. This app is great for golf courses, but can be used for basic residential lawn care as well.

Like That Garden
This snazzy app allows you to take pictures of plants and flowers in your yard and garden, and then identifies the item – just from the picture! From there, you can learn more about the plant and how to care for (or take care of) the vegetation.

My Lawn by Scotts®
This app is powered by Scotts® Miracle-Gro Company. By entering in basic information about your yard, it will learn your lawn’s composition and gives you message reminders. This app also features a couple other useful tools, like a mulch calculator – to help you determine how much and what kind of mulch you need – and watering recommendations specific to the time of year, your location, and the composition of your yard.

Harvest Landscape Calculator
This calculator is helpful for big landscaping or fertilizing undertakings. Enter a few area dimensions and information about your location, and it will help you determine how much material – mulch, soil, stone, etc. – you need for your next project.