Lawn Care Services:


We monitor the amount of nutrition your lawn is receiving and create a specialized fertilization treatment that feeds your specific type of grass allowing it to thrive like never before.

Weed Control

No matter what type of weeds your lawn is plagued with, our weed control services provide the targeted protection that kills weeds while keeping your grass lush and healthy.

Core Aeration

Dead turf inhibits your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients. In order to stimulate new, healthy growth, our core aeration services removes plugs of dead turf, allowing your lawn to breathe.


By removing the layer of dead grass roots that forms between your grass and the soil, our dethatching service allows your lawn to receive the nutrients it needs to grow lush and strong.

Crabgrass Control

Don’t let crabgrass turn your yard into a patchy, unhealthy mess. Utilizing our crabgrass control application annually stops crabgrass in its tracks.

Lawn Mowing Services

Green Stuff Outdoor Services has been taming and beautifying even the wildest lawns for over 35 years. With our lawn mowing services, Minneapolis residents and business owners can trust that their lawns will be kept healthy and properly maintained. From dethatching to fertilization and weed control, if your lawn needs help, we have the experience and skills to make it happen. Our affordable lawn care solutions have the ability to transform unhealthy, unruly turf into beautiful, lush, green lawns that look spectacular all season long.

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