Your lawn is home to millions of blades of grass, and to keep it looking lush, you need to account for every one of them. Green Stuff can bring out the full potential of your lawn, with detail-oriented care that maximizes healthy growth across every square foot of space. Our experienced team understands what goes into a stunning lawn, and takes the necessary steps to give life to healthier, hardier and more attractive grass for exceptional landscaping.

Why Green Stuff

There’s no feeling quite like encountering a well-kept lawn. Verdant outdoor spaces offer more than aesthetic appeal — they create a sense of comfort, belonging and pride for home and business owners. When your lawn looks good, your property looks good. If you reside in the Minneapolis area, our lawn care company is here to help you grow the attention-grabbing lawn your outdoor space deserves.

Detail-Oriented Team

A magnificent lawn is the result of detailed planning, continual adjustments and excellent upkeep. At Green Stuff, our team knows that it only takes one mistake to reduce the vitality of a lawn, so we begin every project by analyzing a homeowner’s unique needs. Once a custom lawn care plan is in place, we move forward with our services, always accounting for changing environmental conditions that affect growth. At Green Stuff, we believe that every factor that could possibly impact a lawn is important, whether that’s soil, sunlight or anything between.

Full-Service Lawn Care in the Minneapolis Area

Our lawn care company in Minneapolis helps area residents and business owners properly maintain lush lawns throughout the growing season. We understand what goes into a healthy lawn, and how to revitalize one that’s struggling. From dethatching to fertilization and weed control, if your lawn needs help, we have the experience and skills to make it happen. Our affordable lawn care solutions have the ability to transform unhealthy, unruly turf into beautiful, lush, green lawns that look spectacular all season long.

Superior Lawn Services for Minneapolis/St. Paul Homeowners

No two lawns are exactly alike, and for that reason, we take the time to analyze your unique lawn care needs and create a customized plan of action. Our regular lawn maintenance includes proactive disease prevention measures. Should a lawn health issue arise, our experts will take immediate action to revitalize the grass. With Green Stuff, you get more than lawn mowing, fertilization, core aeration or dethatching — you get added certainty that your lawn will flourish.


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