What is Core Aeration?

Your lawn needs room to breathe, but compacted soil prevents air, water and nutrients from getting to grass roots. Soil compaction is often unavoidable, since normal foot traffic presses down on a lawn and increases soil density over time. A compacted layer of soil is not an insurmountable problem, but it’s one that home and business owners need to address. Ignoring soil compaction creates an unhealthy growing environment for grass and could lead to brown patches throughout the yard. Our Minneapolis-based lawn core aeration experts provide services that will solve this issue using specialized equipment to pull out plugs of soil and give roots the space they need to thrive. Core aeration can help transform an unsightly Minnesota lawn with patchy growth into one that’s green and fully nourished.

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Does My Lawn Need Core Aeration?

Core aeration is an integral part of lawn care, so most yards require it on a yearly basis. Sometimes the signs of soil compaction are obvious, but even a healthy-looking lawn may have issues below ground level. Every part of a lawn that people have walked over is at risk for compaction problems, and you may notice that water has trouble soaking into the ground in these areas. In dry conditions, you may find patches where the grass doesn’t seem as green as the surrounding parts of the lawn. If you suspect a compaction problem, you only need a shovel to confirm the issue. Stick the blade into the soil and notice how much resistance you feel. If pressing down on the shovel feels difficult, and you need to apply additional bodyweight to pierce the soil, it is probably too dense for healthy grass. It’s best to err on the side of caution when you suspect soil compaction. Regular lawn aeration will improve the look of your grass.

How Does Core Aeration Work?

Our lawn experts know that details matter when providing lawn aeration services. We start our process by ensuring the soil has the correct level of moisture for the aeration process. Once the soil is ready, our professional aerating equipment penetrates soil at the optimal depth and diameter. Rather than using spike aerators that simply press down into the soil and sometimes lead to additional compaction problems, our equipment removes plugs of soil and grass completely. This frees up the ideal amount of space below the surface, and creates new pathways for water and nutrients. We take several passes over the grass to ensure we don’t miss any problem areas. Once aeration maintenance is complete, you can expect healthier growth and a greener lawn in the weeks to come.

Why Organic Lawn Care?

Core aeration isn’t the only way to aerate your lawn, but it is the most natural and effective. One common alternative is known as liquid aeration which, as the name implies, requires liquid ingredients that flow deep into the soil. There are many problems with this process, including the fact that it uses harsh ammonium lauryl sulfate (soap), which can be harmful to the subsurface ecosystem. Liquid aeration ingredients can kill off lawn-assisting organisms such as earthworms. What’s more, liquids cannot dissolve the volume of soil necessary to effectively aerate a lawn. We recommend skipping the harmful chemicals, and instead go with our tried-and-true lawn core aeration services to get a healthier, greener law.

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