Make A Green Impression

No matter which industry you work in, your lawn is what people see first. You don’t need to be a retail business to realize that an immaculate lawn sells not just the building itself, but the company’s identity as a whole. Unkempt lawn? Unkempt company.

Growing and maintaining the perfect lawn is not a simple feat — there are 47 blades of grass in every square inch of your lawn, and caring for each one is what we do best. With our detail-oriented commercial landscaping services in the Minneapolis area, you never have to worry about having a lush lawn at work — you can expect it.

What Goes Into a Great Commercial Lawn?

For every business with a nice looking lawn, there is a business owner that understands what it takes to grow and maintain it. Our team has a passion for lawns, and we account for every detail when it’s time to help you create a picturesque setting for your company. Here are just a few of the services we offer for our commercial customers:

Mowing & Fertilizing

We will provide regular mowing services that ensure your lawn looks good throughout the growing season. Optimal lawn growth requires a strategic approach, so we consider factors such as the time of year, the grass species and recent weather conditions before mowing a lawn.

Core Aeration

One of the biggest risks for any commercial lawn is excessive compaction. When people repeatedly walk over the grass, they put pressure on the soil below. This compacts the soil, making it difficult for grass roots to soak up water and nutrients. Our lawn experts utilize powerful lawn aerators to prevent and eliminate the brown patches of lawn that result from compacted soil.

What Type of Grass Should I Have at My Business?

If you need to sow new grass seed at your business, choosing the right species is important. Kentucky bluegrass is the most common type, due to its hardiness and aesthetic appeal, but it’s not the only option. You can even plant mixtures of several grass species to reduce the chances of disease or create a specific appearance.

In the Upper Midwest, cool season grass species are the only ones that will survive the region’s temperature swings throughout the year. Cool season grasses do most of their growing in the spring and fall, which is when they require the most attention. Compare some of the common types of cool season grasses below to learn which is right for your commercial needs:

SpeciesWatering NeedsDrought ResistanceGrass TextureTraffic ToleranceSunlight NeedsNotes
FescueLowHighCoarse (varies)MediumMediumSeveral styles available
Creeping Bent GrassHighLowFineHighHighDense & ideal for golf courses
Kentucky BluegrassMediumMediumFine to mediumMedium to highMediumHigh disease & cold resistance
Perennial RyegrassHighLowCoarse to mediumHighHighFast germination

If you need help choosing the right grass species for your company, we are happy to provide guidance. Simply tell us about your shade levels and aesthetic preferences, and our team will suggest the perfect grass species for your commercial lawn.

How Can Green Stuff Help Me Get the Most Out of My Lawn?

Choosing commercial lawn care services in the Minneapolis area should never be a roll of the dice. You need to know that your lawn will look attractive from spring to fall, and that’s exactly what you can expect when you choose Green Stuff.

When you choose our experts you can expect:

  • Proactive weed control
  • Lawn disease prevention
  • Year-round assistance
  • Friendly and punctual service
  • “Sign up and forget it” solutions

See how Green Stuff can bring out the full potential of your company’s lawn. Contact our team to get started with your lawn upgrade.

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