Why Are Weeds A Problem?

If you’ve ever been in a battle with weeds on your lawn, you know how much of a nuisance they can be. Left unchecked, weeds often become the dominant plants in a lawn — sometimes taking over within a single growing season. Weeds tend to grow rapidly by competing for nutrients with surrounding grasses. As a result, the grass species become weaker and more prone to disease. What’s more, some weeds are poisonous when eaten, making them dangerous for families with pets. Needless to say, it’s important to be aware of these undesirable and aggressive plants.

Some of the most common weeds
in the Upper Midwest include:





Creeping Charlie

Leafy Spurge

How to Prevent Weeds

Preventative lawn maintenance is essential in keeping weeds out of your grass. It’s easier to stop weeds from germinating than to deal with them after they have sprouted from the ground. Your plan of attack on weeds should begin in the spring, before they have made their appearance in your yard. Green Stuff can help you take a proactive approach towards a healthier lawn with our lawn weed control services in the Minneapolis area.

Our team takes the following measures to prevent weed growth:

  • We apply pre-emergent herbicide in the early spring that targets weed species but is harmless to the grass
  • Pre-emergent application covers a wide range of weed species
  • Our timely fertilization services stimulate dense grass growth, making it less likely for weeds to emerge in the limited space
  • Our experts keep an eye out for weed species at every visit, working to prevent outbreaks as soon as signs of a problem emerge
  • We never up-charge, no matter how many weed outbreaks occur

How to Control Lawn Weed

If you notice a plant species in your lawn that shouldn’t be there, don’t panic! There are measures you can take to limit the spread of weeds and eliminate them completely. An advantage to having our experts tend to your lawn is that they will regularly monitor the condition of the grass and quickly fix any problem that emerges. At the first sign of a weed infestation, reach out to our team to handle the issue.

We use these tactics to take care of a weed problem when it appears:

  • Our team quickly identifies the weed species and the extent of the lawn damage
  • We target it with a post-emergent herbicide that is formulated to safely eliminate the species from the lawn
  • Once the problem species has been removed from the lawn, we keep a close eye on the grass during each subsequent visit for re-emergent outbreaks

Why Organic Weed Control?

Organic weed control helps prevent dangerous chemicals from seeping into groundwater systems. We use weed control formulas that limit the environmental impact on the ecosystems surrounding your home. Our approach helps you grow a greener lawn while taking steps to create a greener earth.

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