Mosquito-Free Summer

During the summer months, many Minnesotans love to spend time outdoors for activities such as picnics, sports, camping, and so much more! But with summer comes pesky insects, including blood-seeking mosquitos, which leave itchy bumps on the skin when they bite you. Mosquitos thrive in hot, humid weather, especially in areas of standing water. A great way to protect yourself from mosquitos is to maintain a healthy lawn.

Does Minnesota Spray for Mosquitos?

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District (MMCD) is in charge of making Minnesota public areas mosquito-free. Mosquito spraying uses an insecticide called Permethrin which eliminates mosquitos and their eggs. MMCD does not provide Minnesota mosquito control for residential properties.

How to Control and Prevent Mosquitos in Minnesota

Green Stuff Lawn offers mosquito spraying services in the Minneapolis area for commercial and residential properties. Mosquito spraying is essential to keep mosquitos out of your yard. Mosquitos like to lay eggs near water covered by grass and weeds. It’s easier to prevent mosquitos from laying eggs than to deal with them after they have hatched. Green Stuff Lawn can help you take a proactive approach toward a healthier lawn with our Minnesota mosquito control service.

How Do I Deal With Mosquitos in Minnesota?

  1. Get rid of standing water in your yard. Common places include trash containers, outdoor pet dishes, and planter boxes.
  2. Keep your lawn mowed and pull weeds. 
  3. Put up mosquito nets, bug zappers, and outdoor bug lights.
  4. Have trained professionals treat your yard for mosquito control.

Why Use Our Mosquito Control Lawn Service?

Our company, based in Plymouth, Minnesota, offers professional lawn care services to help Minneapolis-area residents have healthy and beautiful outdoor spaces. Green Stuff Lawn’s mosquito control service can eliminate mosquitoes from your lawn. 

A well-conditioned lawn results from detailed planning, continual maintenance, and excellent upkeep. Here is how we design a lawn care plan for our customers:

  • Examine the current lawn and understand its needs
  • Create a lawn care maintenance plan
  • Move forward with appropriate services
  • Monitor the health of the lawn, adjust service as necessary

Once a custom lawn care maintenance plan is in place, we always account for changing environmental conditions that affect growth. 

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