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A lush lawn provides the perfect first impression for your home. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the time, equipment or expertise to maintain pristine grass. When you choose Green Stuff for your home lawn care needs, our professionals devote themselves to your outdoor setting, ensuring that every blade of grass adds to the appeal of your property.

Our residential lawn care in the Minneapolis area starts with a passion for attractive lawns. Every member of our team takes pride in the great-looking lawns we help grow and maintain for our customers. Whether we’re fertilizing, aerating, dethatching or mowing, you can expect exceptional attention to detail in our services. While a great-looking lawn sometimes takes time to develop, Green Stuff customers can be certain every measure will be taken to rejuvenate the look of their lawn.

When is the Best Time to Get Home Lawn Care?

There’s never a bad time to transform the look of your lawn. What does matter, however, is when you implement specific types of services. Like any type of plant, the time of year has a huge effect on how your grass reacts to different types of lawn care. If you want to get the most out of your lawn, keep the following time frames in mind before getting started:

Type of ServiceIdeal Timeframe
MowingLate April to Early November
WateringMid May to Mid October
SeedingEarly August to Late September
DethatchingMid August to Mid September
FertilizingEarly August to Early October
AeratingMid August to Early October
Crabgrass ControlMid April to Mid May
Broadleaf Weed ControlEarly September to Mid October

Although these guidelines provide a framework for lawn care throughout the year, there is never a bad time to move forward with our detail-oriented lawn care services. We can create a plan that will serve as a roadmap for the future of your lawn, accounting for the seasonal variations that will affect its growth. If you’re looking to transform your lawn, find out how we can help you get started today.

How Can Green Stuff Help Me Get the Most Out of My Lawn?

When you’re looking for residential lawn care in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you have plenty of options. At Green Stuff, our goal is to set ourselves apart with exceptional results for our customers. We go the extra mile to ensure your lawn looks just the way you want.

When you go with Green Stuff, you can expect:

Discover how Green Stuff can provide you with the lawn upgrade you need. Reach out to our friendly professionals now to get started.

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