Want an outdoor space that’s worthy of Mainstreet? With Green Stuff Lawn, get mowing and lawn care services for your Hopkins, Minnesota-based home, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy a lush yard that’s great for entertaining and partaking in outdoor amenities. Our team is ready to help you achieve the lawn you deserve, all while giving you friendly and reliable service.

Lawn Care Services in Hopkins

When your lawn looks great, it elevates the appearance of your whole property. No matter the season, our team focuses on forward-focused lawn care services, which means while we keep your yard in great condition we’re also getting your outdoor spaces ready for the next season. Our Hopkins-based mowing and lawn care services can be tailored to your yard’s specific needs, ensuring you have one of the best-looking lawns in town.

Green Stuff Outdoor Services for Lawn Care Advantage

At Green Stuff Lawn, we work hard year-round to provide lawn services that will keep your Hopkins home’s outdoor space healthy. Whether you need some outside expertise and muscle or you are a proud new homeowner in the area, our friendly team members are happy to step in and help. Our crew offers high-quality lawn services which include crabgrass control applications to stop crabgrass before it grows, plus fertilization, weed and mosquito control to address other concerns you might have about your outdoor spaces. We also offer core aeration and dethatching to remove dead roots to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients needed to grow healthy.

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