With the variety of housing options available and the flourishing development communities, you want the best lawn care and lawn mowing service Maple Grove, Minnesota has to offer to keep your yard lush and thriving. Our lawn care services are guaranteed to give you the lawn you and your family deserve, regardless of rain, shine or snow.

Lawn Care Services in Maple Grove

The up-and-coming neighborhoods of Maple Grove have become extremely desirable to those seeking a small town charm with the amenities of the Twin Cities; and with the lush land that Maple Grove offers, you don’t want any old lawn care services. Our Maple Grove, Minnesota, lawn care services include fertilizing, weed control, mowing and more to keep your yard lush and beautiful regardless of the season.

Green Stuff Outdoor Services for Lawn Care Advantage

Weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable and damaging to lawns and plants. Our Maple Grove lawn care and mowing services are designed to keep your lawn healthy with core aeration and dethatching that will remove dead roots and allow your lawn to receive the nutrients it needs to grow lush and strong. Concerned about crabgrass? No need, our crabgrass control application stops crabgrass before it grows!

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