White Clover Weed Control in Minneapolis

Finding soft, velvety, white clover flowers creeping out of your lawn may seem harmless and even enchanting—but it can also indicate that your lawn is lacking nutrition. Known for attracting bees and creating delicious clover honey, white clover is a cool-season perennial and part of the legume family. It develops a deep, fleshy taproot that can grow to 1-1 ½ inch in diameter and 5 to 8 feet deep, making it difficult to remove from your lawn.

Because clover absorbs nitrogen from the air and not the soil, it usually grows in grassy areas with low nitrogen levels. If clover begins to grow on your lawn, it may be an indicator of nitrogen deficiency in your soil. As it grows, it also invades the grass in your yard, depriving it of other essential nutrients. Removing clover from your lawn can help it regain its proper nutrients and keep bees away from your kids and pets. Green Stuff Lawn knows how to remove clover from lawn grass with effective and fast-acting weed control.

How to Prevent the Spread of Clover

When a Minnesota lawn is healthy, lush and robust, weeds like clover are less likely to infest because they get suffocated by healthy grass. Before clover can enter your lawn, here are some preventative steps you can take to keep your lawn clover-free.

  • Keep your lawn well-fed. The best way to prevent the spread of clover is to stop it before it starts. Using a fertilizer four times per year or hiring someone to manage your lawn can help it to stay thick and healthy.
  • Mow high. Clover is low-growing, so mowing high and keeping your grass long can prevent sunlight from reaching the soil and allowing weeds to thrive.
  • Use a preventative herbicide. Since clover is a cool-season weed, it usually begins growing in cool weather. To prevent it from growing in the spring, use a preventative herbicide before winter comes that stops the spread of seeds. Green Stuff Lawn uses a pre-emergent herbicide.

How to Kill Clover

If you’ve lost the battle to invasive weeds like clover, there are many ways you can start to remove them. Knowing how to remove clover from your lawn and grass can be easier with the assistance of a local gardener or lawn care company, like Green Stuff Lawn.

  • Pull it out by hand. If you only have a small patch of clover in your lawn, the most cost-effective way to remove it is pulling it by hand. When removing it, make sure to take out the entire plant and its root.
  • Spray a vinegar solution. One organic way to remove clover is by creating your own vinegar solution with a cup of vinegar, a cup of water and a drop of dish soap, and spraying it on patches of clover. This will dry up the leaves, but be careful not to get it on your healthy grass.
  • Spray them with an herbicide. Spraying an herbicide is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of a clover plant entirely.

Minnesota Lawn Care You Can Depend On All Season Long

When treating your lawn, you want to avoid harsh chemicals and fast-release fertilizers that don’t promote healthier growth in the long run. By adding more nutrients to your soil and increasing the nitrogen levels, you can avoid the spread of white clover in your yard.

Green Stuff Lawn uses effective weed control services in the Minneapolis area to promote lush, thick lawns all year round and prevent dangerous chemicals from seeping into groundwater systems or exposing irritants to your kids and pets. Our lawn maintenance services adapt to residential and commercial sites of all kinds, contact a Green Stuff Lawn technician to get started today.

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