A Deep-Rooted Issue

In Minnesota, the dandelions come once a year, every year. Just like the mosquitos that emerge after a long winter, dandelions are sure to come creeping onto your lawn if you don’t practice preventative dandelion lawn care.

These perennial weeds grow 2 to 3 feet below the soil, from a taproot base. The taproots allow new sprouts to grow that mature into yellow flowers and eventually white fluffy seeds. In the winter, the taproots survive under the soil, giving dandelions their perennial quality and leading to an endless cycle of invasive weeds. In order to eliminate dandelions from your yard, the root has to be killed. Luckily, Green Stuff Lawn offers effective dandelion lawn care and weed control in Minneapolis.

How to Prevent the Spread of Dandelions

Preventing dandelions in a yard in the Midwest, where stubborn weeds thrive from full sunlight, can seem impossible. But there are some simple steps you can take as a lawn owner to prevent the rapid spread of dandelions.

  • Mow high. Keep your grass tall and thick by mowing high. This method can choke out the dandelion weeds and prevent it from getting the proper nutrients and sunlight.
  • Leave mulched clippings after mowing. By letting mulched clippings rest on your lawn after mowing, you can enhance the health of your grass. The moisture from the clippings helps the soil to stay lush while smothering unwanted weeds.
  • Use a preventative herbicide. Before winter comes, spray your lawn with a preventative herbicide that stops the spread of dandelion seeds. Green Stuff Lawn uses a pre-emergent herbicide as dandelion weed control in the early spring.
  • Grow a thick lawn. Thick, luscious grass can help prevent dandelions from overtaking your lawn by suffocating the weeds.

How to Kill Dandelions

When attacking dandelions, you want lawn care that works. Instead of hand-pulling them, seek out weed killer or professional dandelion lawn care. Their deep taproots and seed spreading abilities make them difficult to completely eliminate.

  • Completely remove the taproot. No matter the method you use to kill off dandelions, make sure to completely remove the taproot. Leaving any part of the weed can cause them to regrow and spread.
  • Spray them with an herbicide. Spraying an herbicide is less labor-intensive and effectively kills the entire plant.

Minneapolis Dandelion Lawn Care You Can Count On

When eliminating dandelion weeds from your lawn, avoid dandelion weed control that uses harsh chemicals. Green Stuff Lawn offers dandelion lawn care that won’t pose a threat to the health of your kids, pets or the environment while maintaining the health of your lawn.

If you’re looking for dandelion lawn care and weed control in Minneapolis, trust our technicians at Green Stuff Lawn to eliminate dandelions from your lawn while preventing dangerous chemicals from seeping into groundwater systems. Contact a Green Stuff Lawn technician to get started today.

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