Leafy Spurge Control in Minneapolis

In the upper midwest, leafy spurge can pose serious issues. Introduced to Minnesota by a bushel of oats sent from Russia in the late 1800s, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has been trying to eliminate leafy spurge as an invasive species since 1994, Although their efforts have been largely successful, the perennial plant with greenish-yellow flower bracts continues to creep into lawns, pastures, grasslands and prairies throughout Minnesota. Lucky for Minnesota homeowners, Green Stuff Lawn uses effective leafy spurge control in the Minneapolis area to prevent seed maturation and the dispersal of the plant.

Fast spreading and growing low to the ground, leafy spurge can grow up to four feet if left untreated. Each plant can produce seed pods that explode, spreading the plant rapidly up to a 20-foot circumference. If the invasive species does take over your lawn or grass, it can hoard the water and nutrients of native species and also secrete toxins into the soil that stop them from growing. Depend on Green Stuff Lawn for fast-acting weed control services and useful tips on how to get rid of leafy spurge.

How to Prevent Leafy Spurge

Spreading or cultivating leafy spurge in Minnesota is illegal and can result in enforcement action. In order to prevent and stop the spread of leafy spurge from entering your property, proper prevention and precautionary management are encouraged.

  • Clean your mowing equipment. When acquiring new lawn equipment or using it in an area potentially infested with leafy spurge, make sure to brush seed off the mower deck. Because the seeds of leafy spurge spread easily, make sure the seed is not moving on vehicles.
  • Use an herbicide in early spring and fall. Repeated herbicide applications during the early spring and fall can effectively kill off leafy spurge seeds. Green Stuff Lawn uses a pre-emergent herbicide as leafy spurge weed control in the early spring.
  • Mowing before flowering. Keeping your property mowed can reduce seed production. Although mowing cannot eliminate leafy spurge infestations, repeated mowing can cut resprouts and prevent seed spreading.

How to Kill Leafy Spurge

Killing off leafy spurge requires more than knowing how to get rid of it. If you spot leafy spurge in your lawn, it needs to be monitored and you should report it to the state for biological control or contact a local lawn control maintenance company, like Green Stuff Lawn.

  • Biological control. For a large infestation, the state of Minnesota uses spurge beetles as leafy spurge control. Free of charge, the MDA oversees a biological control program that is accessible to all landowners.
  • Professional weed killer. Because leafy spurge spreads rapidly, Green Stuff Lawn uses an effective weed killer that isn’t harmful to kids, pets or the surrounding environment. After using the leafy spurge control treatment, our technicians watch for reemerging breakouts.

Effective Leafy Spurge Control in Minneapolis

If you’re looking for how to get rid of leafy spurge on your property, avoid harsh chemicals and re-emergent breakouts with leafy spurge control from Green Stuff Lawn in Minneapolis. Our weed control efforts reduce pollutants and stop the spread of leafy spurge seeds.

Our technicians can teach you how to prevent invasive species from invading the soil in your yard by creating a healthy, lush lawn that protects itself. After our treatment, we continue our service with lawn maintenance and preventative care. Contact one of our professionals today to eliminate leafy spurge in your yard.

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