Thistle Weed Control in Minnesota

It’s not uncommon at all in Minnesota summers to walk across your yard barefoot and suddenly step on something sharp. Most likely, you’ve stepped on a thistle. Thistles are known for their prickly leaves and stubbornness to be removed permanently from lawns.

Thistles sprout due to problems like excess lawn thatch, compacted, nutrient-deficient soil and infrequent mowing. They are weeds whose roots spread laterally, making it easy for them to spread across different locations across a yard.

To ensure the removal of thistles and their roots from your yard, Green Stuff Lawn offers effective thistle elimination and prevention control in Minneapolis.

How to Remove Thistles from Your Yard

In order to effectively prevent thistles, you have to get to the root of the problem—literally. Since their subterranean roots spread easily across a yard, they must be fully removed rather than just plucked occasionally. There are a few other ways you can prevent thistle growth:

  • Using an herbicide in early spring: Before thistles get a chance to sprout, Green Stuff Lawn offers a pre-emergent herbicide that targets and prevents weed growth without harming the good parts of your lawn.
  • Getting ahead start on maintenance: Beginning maintenance on your lawn before thistle weeds have the chance to flower can cut down their chances of spreading. Mowing can sometimes get to the thistle root and remove the entire weed, so it’s a good place to start. Keeping your yard pest-free is another good way to prevent the risk of something bringing in new thistle.

Removing Thistle Weeds

Don’t get overwhelmed if your yard already has thistles. With the proper care, they can be removed effectively. You may be past the preventative step, but Green Stuff Lawn knows plenty about the elimination process. They use a post-emergent herbicide that is deadly to the weed, but not your lawn, and they will regularly monitor your yard condition and be on the lookout for any reemergence. Other removal tactics include

  • Pulling them out by hand: If you’re able to manage avoiding the prickly leaves, it can be effective to pull out the weeds by hand. Just make sure you get the entire plant and its roots to ensure no regrowth.
  • Spraying them yourself: If you want to attempt to remove thistles from your yard before calling the professionals, a homemade vinegar pesticide (one part vinegar, one equal part water, and a drop of dish soap) can be effective in killing the unwanted plants, though something stronger might be necessary for large quantities.

Minneapolis Lawn Care You Can Count On

When removing thistle weeds from your yard, avoid harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to the good parts of your lawn. Green Stuff Lawn is reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to weed control and lawn maintenance.

Trust our professional technicians to eliminate thistle from your lawn for good, and to create and maintain a lush, healthy lawn that can protect itself from further weed growth. Contact a Green Stuff Lawn technician to get started today.

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