Creeping Charlie Weed Control in Minnesota

Establishing a lush, green and finely manicured lawn can be difficult when invasive perennial weeds show up every spring. Creeping charlie is an evergreen weed that belongs to the mint family and grows as a ground ivy that rapidly spreads on the top of your yard’s soil. Their surface roots can lead to a thick, tangled mat on your lawn that usually grows in shady, moist areas where grass growth dwindles.

To eliminate creeping charlie in your yard, Green Stuff Lawn uses weed control to kill off the weed while maintaining a safe environment for your kids and pets, reducing pollutions and risk to local ecosystems, and creating healthier soil and grassroots. There are some steps you can take to prevent the spread of creeping charlie before it becomes an issue in your lawn.

How to Prevent Creeping Charlie

Preventing the growth of creeping charlie can help you avoid the inconvenience of having to kill the species off. Green Stuff Lawn practices preventative lawn maintenance that targets weed species while remaining harmless to the grass. As a homeowner, here are some ways you can prevent and eliminate creeping charlie in your yard:

  • Keep your grass healthy. A healthy and maintained lawn is the best way to defend your yard against weeds. Because creeping charlie spreads in areas where the grass is malnourished or sparse, a well-fed lawn can block sunlight from accessing the soil and spreading invasive weeds. Lawn fertilizing can help to infuse nutrients into the soil and maintain a thriving lawn.
  • Patch up the bare spots. Creeping charlie loves shady, moist spots in your lawn, where grass thins out. Thinning grass is a primary location for weeds to start overtaking. By rapidly repairing the bare spots in your lawn, you can stop creeping charlie in its tracks.
  • Overseed in the spring or fall. Overseeding can help fill in the gaps where sunlight doesn’t reach the soil. This method results in a thick, luscious lawn that is less susceptible to the threat of invasive weed species.
  • Set your lawnmower on high. Although a low-cut lawn can look high class, tall grass blocks the sunlight that helps weeds germinate from making contact with the soil.

How to Kill Creeping Charlie

When worst comes to worst and creeping charlie invades, creating a tangled, matted area in your lawn, preventative care won’t do much. You need to move fast to stop the invasive weed from continuing to spread. To quickly eliminate creeping charlie in your yard, Green Stuff Lawn uses:

  • Weed killer. To attack the invasive weed and stop the creeping charlie from spreading, Green Stuff Lawn uses a weed killer that safely and efficiently eliminates the issue. Spot treatment helps to get to the root of the species and eliminate it from the foundation up.
  • Check for re-emergent breakouts. Because weeds are invasive and spread rapidly, Green Stuff Lawn technicians continue to inspect the area where creeping charlie once invaded. After using weed killer, our technicians watch for reemerging breakouts.

Keep Your Lawn Pristine With Weed Control from Green Stuff Lawn

If you’re hoping to eliminate creeping charlie in your yard, avoid harsh chemicals that can be harmful to you, your kids and pets, and the environment. You can trust Green Stuff Lawn to use reliable weed control that reduces pollutants and maintains the health of your lawn.

Our technicians can teach you how to prevent invasive species from invading the soil in your yard by creating a healthy, lush lawn that protects itself. After our treatment, we continue our service with lawn maintenance and preventative care. Contact one of our professionals today to eliminate creeping charlie in your yard.

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