5 Watering Tips For Your Lawn

We are an experienced lawn care service Minneapolis MN can count on, no matter the season.  Green Stuff Outdoor Services knows that Minnesota summers are rather unpredictable, and we can almost always count on at least one drought.  While it may not seem like the rain will ever stop, days of hot sunshine and arid soil are in our future.  You can still enjoy a beautiful, green lawn through the driest of days by watering your lawn in a smart way.

  1. Water your grass early in the morning. Some sources suggest watering at night, and while the night air does not encourage evaporation, it does hold down moisture in an unhealthy way and you could end up with a moldy or diseased lawn. By watering your grass in the morning, you are taking advantage of the cooler and less windy air, ensuring appropriate moisture levels.
  2. You don’t necessarily have to water your lawn more; you just have to water your lawn longer. Short spurts of hydration encourage grass roots to grow shallow and broad instead of deep and direct. Roots that sit higher in the soil are more susceptible to disease, but roots that grow deeper to “root zone” are stronger and hold nutrients better.
  3. If you have a sprinkler system or use sprinklers, make sure they are actually watering the grass, not the cement or your garage. Watering those will not help your lawn … not even a little bit.
  4. Use a rain barrel and let the rain do its job. You will have an extra reserve of water for the drought season and you will prevent overwatering during the stormy days and also reduce runoff pollution and erosion.
  5. Water you lawn when it needs it. How can you tell? The easiest way to see if you need to hydrate your lawn is by walking across it and keeping an eye on your footsteps. If the grass quickly springs back, your lawn is fine. If you notice the grass starting to curl or remain flat, it’s time to bring some relief to your lawn.