Choosing the Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard


The market is full of different sizes and kinds of mowers. Whether you are a bit more environmentally conscious and want a basic push mower or you have a lawn that requires a mower with a bit more horsepower, selecting the right lawn mower is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your lawn maintenance.

You basically have two types of blade constructions for residential lawn mowers: rotary and cylinder.

  • Rotary – Rotary mowers are standard gas or electric powered mowers. One rotating blade spins horizontally to cut your lawn. If you are looking to create a yard that has well-manicured stripes, this mower is a better choice. While the actual cut of the grass blade isn’t as clean as a cylinder mower, the high speed of the blade usually translate into a less time-consuming mow time.

o   Rotary mowers are best for lawns that are:
Free of tall weeds

  • Cylinder – Cylinder mowers have multiple blades that sit horizontal to the ground, but rotate in a vertical motion. You can expect to have a high-quality finish with a cylinder mower.

o   Cylinder mowers are best for lawns that are:
Larger in size
Mostly flat with little to now gradients

Another kind of mower has a string trimmer, which involves a tight nylon string attached to a mower that spins at high speeds to cut long grass or on land that are too steep for standard mowers. Since you are not working with an actual blade, the cut of your grass will be a bit ragged and will result in grass tips that turn brown and die.

You also have the choice of mowers that require no power but human strength, are battery powered, or gas powered. Electric lawn mowers sometimes need to be plugged in while you mow, so if you have a lawn with lots of trees and shrubbery, you should probably find a cordless mower.

No matter what kind of mower you choose, proper maintenance and cleaning will make your mower last longer and cut better, leaving you with a healthier, more lush lawn.