Coffee Grounds For Your Ground

Coffee can fuel more than just people; it can fuel your lawn, too.  If you are looking for a more organic or sustainable way to care for your lawn, coffee grounds are the solution you are looking for.

Try waking your lawn up with coffee grounds, they can work for your lawn and garden a few different ways:

  • Fertilizer – Coffee grounds add extra organic material to your soil and this will improve water retention, aeration, and soil’s overall nutritional content.  Coffee grounds also take time to break down, so a little bit can go a long way.  Instead of a dramatic change in your soil’s composition, the adjustment will be gradual and make your lawn consistently grow stronger.
  • Compost – Adding coffee grounds to your compost will increase the nitrogen in your compost mix. Nitrogen is often lost when you mow your lawn, so sprinkling coffee on your lawn is a great way to replace the nutrients.  Coffee grounds also attract earthworms, which will do a little extra work for your lawn, too.
  • Pesticide – While worms love coffee grounds, slugs and snails tend to stay away from coffee-rich soil.  Caffeine does not seem to inspire pests as well as it does worms.