Essential Garden Tools

In order to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden, you need to be equipped with a core set of tools. Consistent maintenance of your yard will ensure the health and longevity of your home’s green space. Here is a basic list of tools to keep on hand:garden-tools

  • Rake – A good rake is essential. Whether you are clearing up autumn leaves to prevent mold around your trees or you are leveling the ground in your yard, a sturdy rake will be your best friend.
  • Shears – Sharp shears will make maintaining your lawn a lot easier, especially if you have numerous shrubs or perennials.
  • Pruners – Once you find a set of pruners you are comfortable using, you will be able to fine-tune many elements of your lawn. Pruners are necessary for most cutting jobs and clipping unhealthy branches from flower bushes or shrubs.
  • Forks and Spades – You can find a variety of forks and spades that are different lengths or made from plastic, wood, or metal. You will need these for turning soil and moving rooted plants.
  • Dutch Hoe – Dutch hoes are essential for large weeding projects. Not only do they cut weeds at their roots, but they also help turn the soil at the same time. Be sure to pick one that has a comfortable handle length and a sturdy blade.
  • Hand Trowel – Hand trowels are perfect for gardening flower bulbs or produce; you can adeptly control a small portion of soil.
  • Pruning Saw – Pruning saws are great for small branches on trees and bushes. They have more force than shears without being as invasive or heavy as a standard saw.

With your shed properly stocked, you are now ready to tackle almost any yard issue!