Lawn Mower Racing: The Truest Form of Sport

Somewhere in the world, a child named Bryce is being forced to mow the lawn. What he’s not expecting is the feeling of exhilaration that will take over his entire being as soon as he turns the keys of the riding mower. The future Michael Jordan of lawn mower racing is about to discover his true calling.

As he makes his first pass over the lawn, he notices how the lawn mower’s engine responds exactly how he wants it to, as if the gas pedal is simply an extension of his leg. Approaching his first turn at the end of the yard, it becomes apparent to Bryce that the steering wheel isn’t so much something that just turns the vehicle left or right, but rather a tool of precision used to channel his inner passion for landscaping g-forces. If he could ride this mower forever, Bryce would, but soon enough his journey has come to an end. While Bryce has cut down every blade of grass on the lawn, there’s still plenty of competition for Bryce to mow down in the professional lawn mower racing arena.

Yes, It’s a Thing. And It’s Awesome.

The story of lawn mower racing begins, perhaps not surprisingly, in an English pub. The year was 1973, and an innovative group of blokes were pondering how they could get into motorsports without having to sell their homes to pay for it. They looked out the window and saw someone mowing a cricket field’s grass (a uniquely British situation) and decided that lawn mowers would be their vehicles of choice. The forefathers of modern lawnmower racing held their first race in a nearby field, an event that began a legacy of proportions they never could have imagined.

While lawn mower racing hasn’t quite attained Olympic sport status yet, there is no doubt it is destined to become a prime-time event one day. Perhaps Bryce will become a landscaping legend, and you will be able to purchase Bryce-scented cologne at fine retailers everywhere. Who doesn’t want that fresh-clipped-grass aroma to tell the world that the lawn is their domain? 

It Really Matters, You Guys!

If you’re shaking your head, thinking that there is a limit to how big such a niche sport can get, we implore you to stick with us — you may find that you’ve simply caged your inner lawn mower racer inside all along, and it’s revving its engine, trying to get out. Maneuver around skepticism and watch as these brave athletes risk it all for the glory of winning a US Lawn Mower Racing Association Event:



Exciting races like this are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lawn mower entertainment options. Another tradition, The Twelve Mile 500, is held every 4th of July in Indiana and features seasoned racers, pit crews and fans that can appreciate the beauty of watching a pro leave their competitors in their clippings (figure of speech — cutting blades are always removed before events).

If that doesn’t inspire you, the lawn mower land speed record just might. Watch American legend Bobby Cleveland cut through the Utah desert at 96 mph on a lawn mower and try not to get teary eyed. It’s just so inspiring…



Future of the Sport

Remember Bryce? It’s up to inspired children like him to turn misconceptions about the sport into mulch. While the other kids at school might make fun of him for showing up to class each day with grass stains on his jeans and clippings in his pocket for good luck, one day he will find other lawn racing fanatics just like him to share a bond with. Through their competitive endeavors, they will earn the respect they so rightfully deserve. Look for children like Bryce to revolutionize ideas of what a sport can be, as they boldly mow where no athlete has mowed before.

We might not be quite as fast as professional lawn mower racers, but we still work hard to ensure you have the best-looking lawn, as quickly as possible. Contact our team to get the professional lawn care that leaves the competition behind.