Lawn Repairs – When to Restore and When to Redo

No matter the size of your lawn, you will notice when one spot starts to look unhealthy. You may try to give special attention to this part of your lawn with extra fertilizer or water, but what happens when the spot just keeps growing or starts to spread to other areas of your lawn?


The first step is to fully assess your lawn. Check the pH of the soil, see if you have unexpected drainage somewhere, or if the area of your lawn is receiving an acceptable amount of sunlight and/or water. If your lawn is heavily shaded, you may need to consider a different kind of grass or if the pH balance is off in your soil, a new fertilizer may be in order.

When deciding whether to repair or completely overhaul your lawn, keep a couple of elements in mind:

  • Budget – completely replacing your lawn costs much more than trying to revive it.
  • Time and Attention – if your lawn has simply been neglected – and you are willing to take the time to tend to it – you might just need to spend more time caring for your lawn. If you are willing to dedicate this time, restoring your lawn is the better option.
  • Amount of Lawn – what percentage of your lawn needs help? If you have a couple patches that need help, restoration is all you need. If your entire lawn is struggling and withering away, it may be best to just start from scratch.
  • Time of Year – If you are planning to redo your lawn, consider the season and whether or not you would be better off laying down sod, sowing new seeds, or waiting until the next season.

By taking the time to make these considerations, you will ultimately be able to decide whether you want to restore your lawn or if you want to dig up your yard and start from scratch.