Preparing Your Lawn For A Party

A lawn makes for a perfect party location. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a game event, graduation, or are just having a neighborhood barbeque, outdoor festivities in your yard are fun and inviting – what’s holding you back? Are you worried about your meticulously maintained lawn? Don’t be!

With a few simple tips, you can enjoy your party without having to worry about the state of your lawn during and after the event.


  • Take down weeds early. Whether this means you go pull weeds from your yard or spray a weed killer, give yourself time to take care of them. Weed killers take about two weeks to fully work, so beginning preparations of your lawn two weeks before the party is a good rule of thumb.
  • More your lawn 3-5 days before the party. You won’t have to worry about grass clippings, and this will give you a chance to scope out the yard and see if there are any rogue rocks or uneven patches that need leveling in your lawn.
  • While rain is out of your hands, try to avoid watering your lawn a few days before you have your celebration.  When you combine soggy lawns with excessive traffic, you are asking for your yard to be destroyed. Not only that, but sinking furniture during a party is never fun.
  • Clean up your yard by removing piles of leaves or areas of standing water. These are not only unhealthy for your lawn and attract pests, but you will also save your guests from the pests as well.
  • Make garbage disposal easy during the party. Save your lawn from chicken bones and other litter by having a clearly displayed place for people to dispose of their waste.