Preparing Your Lawn For the Upcoming Seasons

Even though we still have some summer days left, the warm days are dwindling and it’s time to start thinking about preparing your lawn for autumn and winter.  In order to keep your lawn healthy for the warmer seasons, there are numerous ways you can maintain your lawn even when you can’t see it.

Your fall and winter preparations should begin about six weeks before the first real freeze.  This gives you adequate time to get all of the tasks done and let your lawn settle before plants stop growing.

First of all, you should clean up your landscaping. Compost your yard and plant perennials and cool season vegetables if you are able to maintain a garden in the later parts of the year.  Clear out sticks from your yard and from underneath your shrubs to ensure optimal growing environments for your plants and grass.  This is the perfect time to rake out moss and aerate your yard as well.

When the leaves start to fall, you can mow them with the rest of your lawn and disperse the nutrients from the leaves.  However, if you have a lot of leaves on your lawn, it is better to rake them together and add them to your compost pile.  This is also a good time to clean out your shed and store all your summer yard and garden supplies.

Another way you can prepare your lawn is by hanging a bird feeder and keeping birds coming to your lawn.  They are nature sowers and can take care of some of your yard work, like removing bugs and spreading seeds.

Spend a little extra time outside while it’s warm out and prepare your lawn well for the colder months ahead.  Putting in a little time now will result in a beautiful lawn for you to enjoy next year.