Summer Lawn Care Tips: Keeping Your Lawn Green During a Drought

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Dealing with a drought is no easy task. A week’s worth of scorching sunlight and zero rain can wreak havoc on your lawn, and if you don’t have a specialized lawn care service provider, the havoc can get out of control. While you may feel that the only way to save your yard is through an impassioned rain dance, there are some other steps you can take to ensure your lawn stays as healthy as possible between lawn care appointments and through the hottest of summer days.

  • Dethatch and aerate your lawn during the drought. Dethatching removes dead plants, grass clippings, or fallen leaves. De-thatching also lets your lawn “breath” and will help you avoid smothering your lawn. Aerating your lawn will help the smallest – but most necessary – moisture reach your yard’s root system and deliver much-needed nutrients.
  • More often than not, people are not allowed to water their lawns during a drought. If you think you are at risk for drought, try to maximize water reservoirs. Make a small trough around the plants and trees that require the most water so rainwater can collect and act as a buffer when hydration is limited.
  • While removing thatch from your lawn is recommended, it’s ok to leave some grass clippings on your lawn after mowing. The grass clippings provide moisture. Just make sure clumps of lawn clippings aren’t clumped together, otherwise, you will end up with a smothered lawn.
  • Add mulch to the appropriate areas of your lawn to conserve water. Parts of your lawn that are looking thin or receive direct sunlight all day long are good places to start.
  • Plant some drought-resistant plants. The University of Minnesota has created a basic list of plants to consider for your lawn.
  • Give your lawn an extra break and avoid walking on it or stressing your yard further. Staying inside is probably for the best anyways, since the sun is so hot and the air so dry.
  • After the drought, your lawn will obviously need a good watering session. You should also take this opportunity to replenish the nutrients in your soil with a well-balanced fertilizer.

Once the high temperatures break, get back out there and enjoy your lawn! Need some inspiration? You can start planning your next backyard soiree by deciding what kind of lawn party you want to have: